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The Witching Tree, Alice Blanchard: A Review

Burning Lake is struck by another murder. A popular witch from a local coven suffers a gruesome death, and the responsibility falls on Natalie to investigate.

I loved this book.

Blanchard's writing is swift and eloquent which makes it almost impossible not to get lost in the story. From broad-stroke descriptions that perfectly set up each chapter to the well-paced dialogue and plot reveals, The Witching Tree serves as a masterclass in mystery. Once again, Natalie is a spectacular narrator, both logical and endearing, and you'll find yourself rooting for her from the first page. What's great about this series is while it helps to start at Book 1, you don't need to. Blanchard gives us snippets of the past without overwhelming her reader with info dumps, so if you're on the fence about starting mid-series, trust me and take the leap.

The murder this time is probably the most vivid in terms of exposition, and I could see this translating well into a series. Cinematic and atmospheric, this is going to be the perfect fall/winter read.

Big thanks to Minotaur and NetGalley for providing an eARC in exchange for honest review consideration.


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