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Jane Kenyon: The Making of a Poet, Dana Greene

Jane Kenyon has been one of my favorite poets since I first read her work in college, and I was excited when I came across this bio.

Spanning her life and career, this look into Kenyon's life was insightful and riveting. While there isn't much information available about her early life, the details provided were clear and interesting with very little personal opinion skewing the read, which I appreciated.

I enjoyed the inner look at her relationship with Hall and the emphasis of Kenyon trying to find her independence, individuality, and voice in the midst of various constraints. I was fascinated by the literary community in which she found support and friendship, and the snippets of her poetry were beautifully timed and relevant. A solid read for anyone looking to expand their understanding of Kenyon's career and poetic trajectory.

Big thanks to the University of Illinois Press and NetGalley for providing an eARC in exchange for honest review consideration.


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