Chloe Cates Is Missing

(Scarlet 01/18/22)

For fans of Influence and The Night Olivia Fell, Chloe Cates Is Missing is a twisty suspense that examines the dangers of sharing on social media. 

Jennifer Scarborough is the mother behind the viral sensation CC and Me, featuring her thirteen year old daughter, Abby. For years, Abby assumes the role of CC Spectacular—performing skits, promoting products, and giving Jen total access to her life in order to further their internet fame. But when Abby turns up missing the morning of a major photoshoot, Jennifer’s seemingly-perfect world begins to crumble.

Emilina Stone is assigned to the high-profile case, but her investigation becomes complicated when she realizes the mother of the missing girl is her estranged childhood best friend. For two decades, they’ve harbored a terrible secret, one that could implicate Jen in Abby’s disappearance, but Emilina can’t reveal her suspicions without incriminating herself.

One lie leads to another in this fast-paced search that has everybody asking: What happened to Chloe Cates?