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The Wife Stalker, Liv Constantine: A Review

I picked up The Wife Stalker because The Last Mrs. Parrish was a solid read and I am a sucker for a hot pink cover. Joanna is disturbed when she's kicked out of her home and Leo remarries Piper, a woman with as many aliases as pairs of shoes. Alternating between their perception of events, Joanna and Piper compete for Leo's affections and a permanent role in his home. This book had a lot of elements I enjoy: dual POVs with unreliable narrators, plenty of intrigue, high stakes. I found both voices to be fun and interesting, and I didn't have a favorite, which is oftentimes the case with POV narratives. However, I had a hard time reconciling the initial premise of this book: that a married man would do a complete 180 and kick his wife out of the house, take away her parental rights, and pretend she never existed. I found myself at a loss to explain how any of this was happening, and while the plot was propulsive, I never really got on board with any of why it was happening in the first place. The twist is supposed to account for all the discrepancies--and in theory, I liked the concept--but too many little things felt forced, and it added up to a conclusion that was more frustrating than satisfying. I will say that if you're looking for a fun, quick read, this will be the book for you. Joanna and Piper's voices jump off the page, and this would make a great beach read. Rich husbands, yachts, sailing, wellness centers, Hermes-toting exes, this has all the makings of an effortless day in the sun.


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