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The Long Haul

Some days, publishing can feel like an endless void, and it's hard to keep perspective of all the little victories that go into a project.

So, it was fitting this memory popped in my feed today.

One year ago, my first short story was published by Zimbell House. This was my launch pad, my toe-dip, so to speak, and I've pushed myself to focus on my writing goals.

Since then, I've published three more short stories, been featured on the amazing NoSleep Podcast, signed with a wonderful agent, and written four complete manuscripts. FOUR. This is after years of post-grad school writer's drought.

I don't make daily word count goals, I just try to write something everyday. 200 or 2000, it doesn't matter. The story will come out as long as I push forward.

Twitter has been invaluable to me the last few months. If you haven't checked out the #writingcommunity, I highly suggest you do so. Get a handle and dive into the hashtag. It's full of amazing indie authors, recommendations, and support.

In my long-winded way, what I'm trying to say is keep working hard. Keep pushing. Keep writing. It's much easier to maintain a level of sanity and patience with a project in front of you and the writing community on Twitter to distract you with memes when you need a break.


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