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Some Things I Still Can't Tell You, Misha Collins (audiobook): A Review

Some Things I Still Can't Tell You was one of my favorite poetry collections last year, so when I saw the audiobook announcement on Twitter, I knew I had to smash the add-to-cart pre-order button. I heard Misha Collins read a few poems at Tattered Cover when it was originally released, so I was interested to see how he handled the narration and was thrilled to be approved for an audio ARC.

Spanning decades and topics, Some Things is an exploration of love, loss, and transitions intermixed with musings on the mundane events of everyday life. After reading, I had some personal favorites I was looking forward to most: Leg Wrestlers, The Mother of Learning, Fire and Water Part II: Pyreless, and The Last Poem. And let me tell you--I was not disappointed. Collins' reading was entertaining, vivid, and emotional, and because of this, the audiobook felt like a completely different experience than reading the physical book. These poems lend themselves well to being read aloud, and Collins does an excellent job of breathing life into the words. These Days and Marder hit like a gut punch, as well as These Hours and A Five Point Eight.

As a final note, author acknowledgments can be incredibly personal, so I always enjoy reading them. Collins' last note to his kids basically broke me. The crack in his voice was so raw and filled with love--as a parent, that moment alone was worth the entire audio collection.

Overall, if you liked the poems, you'll love the audio, and if you loved the poems, this will end you in the best possible way.

Big thanks to Andrews McMeel for providing an audio ARC in exchange for honest review consideration.


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