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Lockdown: Pandemic Stories Review

I've been seeing this collection making the rounds on Twitter for a while, so I was thrilled to finally get my hands on it and dive in.

Lockdown is a series of stories focusing on the pandemic. Viruses, quarantine, navigating the new world--all these and more are covered by a stellar line up of authors. Standouts for me include: Misery Loves Company by Ann Davila Cardinal, Asylum by V. Castro, and Unscathed by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason. Without spoilers, these tales are superbly written with tight prose, excellent dialogue, and excellent pacing. I'm also a big fan of imagery and symbolism in short stories, and this collection had plenty of both. Gruesome, visceral imagery not for the faint of heart. While I didn't love every story, if you're in the mood to read about a world ravaged by a pandemic and the psychological effects it can have on people, this will be the collection for you. I'll definitely be giving this a second read.


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