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Instamom, Chantel Guertin: A Review

I'm a sucker for a good rom com with a hook, and Instamom caught my attention immediately. That cover is brilliant, and as my last few reads have been pretty heavy, I was excited for something a little lighter.

Kit Kidding is an influencer whose entire platform is built on her choice to be kid free. She's curated a successful image of a woman who loves her life, independence, and basic belief that women should have the right to choose whether or not they have children without being impeded by societal expectations. But a chance encounter with a hot chef tilts her world on its axis, and now she has to make a choice: love or likes? I loved this book. Kit's voice is enigmatic, engaging, and hilarious. From the banter with Will to the friendships she forges throughout the book, I found myself invested in her pursuit for happiness. She also makes the distinction between choosing not to have kids and not liking kids, which really highlighted both the depth of her character and a larger problem in society as a whole. Women are expected to have children. The questions about kids come as soon as the engagement ring is on the finger, and really, the pressure to conform is unavoidable. I think it is an important distinction her character makes, and while she grows by tackling her fears, doubts, and yes, unnegotiables head-on, we see the process as an up and down as rather and clear trajectory. On the lighter side, UGH. I loved Will so much. I consider myself to be a pretty unromantic person, but there's some part of me that enjoys the sappy lovestruckedness of it all, and Will and Kit hit all of my buttons. The book really shines when they're together, and I'd gladly read more of their adventure. Overall, Instamom is an insta-hit, a compulsively readable romance with relevant issues and tons of heart. Out in June, add this one to your TBR now. Big thanks to Kensington and NetGalley for providing an eARC in exchange for honest review consideration.


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