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Goblin, Josh Malerman: A Review

Josh Malerman is one of my favorite voices in contemporary horror. If you need references, check out my reviews for Inspection, House at the Bottom of the Lake, and Malorie, all five stars and amazing reads. So when I was approved for Goblin, I did a happy dance and jumped in. A novel in six novellas, Goblin centers not on one central character, but on different inhabitants of the small town of Goblin. What strange, terrifying creatures lurk within the

city limits? Who are the people calling Goblin home? I really enjoyed this collection. I never would've thought myself to be a novella fan, but I realized that this format works exceptionally well--especially when the writer is that good. Malerman weaves similarities into each story, and the effect is a complete portrait of Goblin in various perspectives. What I appreciated about these stories was the focus on friendships. In Goblin, you'll find the most eclectic bunch of friendships in one place. Old and young, odd and off-putting, these relationships were the foundation of many of the tales--and the fear that lives just beneath the surface. My favorites included the Prologue, Man in Slices, Kamp, Presto, and The Hedges. Ranging from weird to gruesome to terrifying, Goblin is a fun, engrossing reading experience that I'd love to see made into a series (here's looking at you, Netflix). Thanks to Ballantine and NetGalley for providing an eARC in exchange for honest review consideration.


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