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Catch Her When She Falls, Allison Buccola: A Review

2022 is looking like it's going to be a *stacked* year, and Catch Her When She Falls has been at the top of my most anticipated reads list since I first saw it announced. I was super excited to receive this one early and quickly dove in.

When Micah was in high school, her boyfriend was convicted of murdering her best friend, Emily. She's spent years dealing with the ramifications, but ten years later, as a true crime podcast begins to poke holes into the series of events leading to Emily's demise, Micah begins to question her own memories of that fateful night. Struggling with her doubts, her behavior growing increasingly erratic, Micah is determined to find the truth.

I LOVED this book.

To start, Buccola's writing is beautiful. The prose is crisp and emotional without being indulgent, and Micah's voice flowed well from page one. I loved the seamless transitions between flashbacks and current timeline, a narrative choice that really helped further the plot and the complexity of the character arc. Unreliable characters are my jam, and Micah is someone who will constantly keep you on your toes. Do we trust her? How much can we trust her?

This combined with the unraveling of the murder mystery was the perfect recipe for an un-put-downable page turner. I absolutely devoured this story and think many readers will be equally engrossed. Overall, Catch Her When She Falls is a taut, smart ride that will keep you guessing to the very last page. Plan on staying up all night for this one.

Thank you to Random House and NetGalley for providing an eARC in exchange for honest review consideration.


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