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At the End of Everything, Marieke Nijkamp: A Review

I really enjoyed This Is Where It Ends and Even If We Break, so when I saw At the End of Everything available for request, I was thrilled to be approved.

When the guards at Hope Juvenile Treatment Center--a remote detention center in the Ozarks--start acting strangely, none of the teens at the center could have predicted what it meant. An off day? Ornery attitudes?

A plague. And soon, the teens at Hope find themselves abandoned as a deadly virus rages outside. As tensions and fear rise, they must figure out who to trust and how to survive.

I liked this book.

Nijkamp did an excellent job creating and maintaining narrative voices. Multiple POVs can be tricky, but I didn't have a difficult time distinguishing characters or their motivations. I found their back stories to be layered and authentic, and overall, the chapters flowed well together. I wished there had been slightly more push past some of the more plague-plot stereotypes, but this still holds up well as a character study amidst harrowing circumstances.

At the End of Everything is a quick read with solid characters and an of-the-moment plot that is bound to get people talking.

Big thanks to Sourcebooks for providing an eARC in exchange for honest review consideration.


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