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The Therapist, B.A. Paris: A Review

I love B.A. Paris' work. The Dilemma and Bring Me Back are two of my favorites, and when I saw The Therapist available, I couldn't wait to dive in.

When Alice agrees to move to London with her boyfriend Leo, she's not prepared for The Circle. The gated community seems idyllic, but beneath the surface, everyone is hiding a secret. After a welcome party reveals some disturbing truths, Alice becomes increasingly invested in the neighborhood's mysteries. What really happened between the previous occupants of her home? Is she really safe in the Circle?

I enjoyed this book and I think it's B.A. Paris' best to date.

Alice is an interesting character. While we see the events through her eyes, and she seems trustworthy, I wouldn't necessarily call her reliable. There's clearly some unresolved issues stemming from her past trauma, and while she's not untrustworthy, the fervor and determination with which she approaches Nina and Oliver's case puts the reader on edge. Is there anything happening in the house? Is Alice seeing things? I loved that added tension and thought it created a sliver of deniability that made the plot that much more suspenseful.

And talk about a cast of unreliable characters. Every voice we are introduced to has a secret, a shady behavior, a story. If you like your suspense with twists and questionable motives, this will definitely be the book for you. No spoilers, of course, but there was enough doubt that until the final riveting chapters, you really don't know who to point the finger at. It could be anyone.

There were a few little crumbs, but the major revelation was satisfying and executed well, even if some of the leaps to get there felt a tad rushed or on-the-nose. I think most readers will love the structure, especially with the anonymous flashbacks thrown in.

Overall, The Therapist is a twisty, layered examination of trust and trauma set against an idyllic gated community. Out in July, add this to your summer TBRs.

Big thanks to St. Martin's for providing an eARC in exchange for honest review consideration.


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